Corby Glen, England


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St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church
Now known as Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

This was a Catholic chapel on the Irnham Estate until about 1853 when the estate was sold to Protestants.

Permission was given for the chapel to be relocated. Each stone was numbered by the eight or so stone masons that were brought in to do the work.

It is said that Peter Dawson Cocks helped move over 1,000 of these stones from Irnham to Corby Glen, about 2 1/2 miles.

The mark or signature of one of the stone masons.

The front entrance facing West.

The West side of the church.

The rectory is on the East side of the church, which is now home to a lay family.

Side view of the entrance.

Front door.

James Harwood of Hawthorpe, died Nov 29th 1873, aged 70 years

This was similar if not exactly like the top of Peter Dawson Cocks' stone before it was broken.

Mary Cocks, d. 13 Apr 1920, 85 years
Peter Cocks, d. 20 Dec 1923, 78 years

Peter Dawson Cocks, and his wife Mary. The cross is broken off.

Peter Cocks of Hawthorpe, died March 28, 1882, aged 75 years

Mary his wife, died Feb. 25th, 1884, aged 73 years

Frederick, Lucy and Monica Cocks stone, looking South.

Frederick, Lucy and Monica Cocks stone, looking North.

Frederick Cocks died June 25th 1931 aged 76 years

Monica Cocks age 96 yrs (dau. of Frederick and Lucy)

Mary Ellen Cocks, fell asleep Dec 19th, 1962, aged 78 years (dau. of Frederick and Lucy)

Caroline, wife of Thomas King, dau. of W. and J. Rosling

Elizabeth, wife of William Bates

William Bates, died Jan 5, 1845, aged 34 years

Jane Frances dau. of Wm and Elizth Bates who died May 16th 1864 aged 18 years

Thomas Wright who died at Corby, March 21, 1896 aged 67
Teresa M. his wife who died at Corby, April 24, 1881 aged 37

G. Hare, 1862

Susan Wright, who died March 16th 1896 aged 77 R.I.P.

In loving memory of Edward Dawson who died Aug 14 1928 aged 57 years

Peter Harwood, 1923 - 1996

Ethel Mary Harwood 1909 - 1985
Cecil Harwood 1905 - 1991

Ellen Harwood Jan 1889 - 1977

Harold Harwood 1883 - 1967

Louisa Nixon of Little Bytham who died Feb 5th 1920

Konstanty Ratzkowski died 5th Sep 1962, aged 62 years

John Thomas son of Thomas and Mary Ellis who died Feb 26th 1897 in his 29th year

So sorry about the rain on the lens, I was fortunate it wasn't worse considering the conditions.

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