Irnham, England


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Irnham, near Grantham, was called Gerneham in the Domesday Survey of 1086 which was ordered by William the Conqueror.
"The village was said to have been founded by an Anglo-Saxon thane called Georna, and it was Georna's ham, or settlement.
He had chosen this particular part of the forest because there were plenty of streams and underground springs,
and the hills provided shelter from storms. Georna's men had sunk the well, and now it was the general meeting place for the women and children."
-The Luttrell Village written by Sheila Sancha

As you walk up the drive to St. Andrew's Church there are massive trees.
One that was cut down is covered by vibrant green, soft moss. Along the stone wall there are steps into a garden area.

This is the garden area. The church is to the far left in the picture.

Between the center two trees you can see one of the windows near the church entrance.

This is to the east of the church.

Looking towards the west, this area contains more recent burials.

Parts of St. Andrew's date to about 1150.
This is the East and North sides.

It is the only building in Irnham to survive from the 14th century and was drastically altered in the 15th century.

The South side.

The East side.

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Sacred to the memory of William Hervey Woodhouse, Esq., of Irnham Hall, Captain of the Lincolnshire Militia, and a Deputy Lieutenant of this county, (son of the late William Woodhouse Esq. of Toxteth Park, near Liverpool;) who died at Irnham on the 16th of May 1859, aged 35 years Deeply Regretted.
We were told that the opening into this monument has yet to be found.

In Loving Memory of John B. Greenbury,
who died Sep. 24th 1909, aged 65 years, May he Rest in Peace. Also of Joseph Greenbury, brother of the above, who died Nov. 23rd 1931, aged 79 years R.I.P.

In Loving Memory of Joseph Greenbury,
who died Oct. 26th 1894, Aged 75 years.
Also of Lucy, wife of the above, who died Oct. 27th 189(7?), aged 78 years. May they rest in peace.

In Loving Memory of John Buckberry, son of William and Mary Bristowe, who died Augst 17th 1898, aged 23 years. With Christ which is far better.

In Loving Memory of William, the beloved husband of Mary Bristow, who died Jan. 9th 1925, Aged 82. Also of the above named Mary Bristow, who died Dec. 18th 1933, aged 90. "Thy will be done."

Sacred to the Memory of Edward Wright, who died 12 January 18(--?) Aged 80 years. Also Appolonia, wife of the above who died 2 April 18(--?) Aged 78 years. Also Maria daughter of the above who died August 2, 1836 aged 26 years. In Memory of Stephen Wright who died ....

In Loving Memory of Samuel Healey, who died June 22nd 1910, aged 80 years. Also Eleanor, wife of the above who died March 13th 1907, Aged 71 years. Rest in Peace.

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In Memory of Saml Healey

Sacred to the Memory of Mary the wife of John Dixon who departed this life February 13th 1840 (10?) Aged 80 years. Also Mary their daughter Aged 2 years. And Catharine Cox Grand-daughter of the above, died an Infant.

In Memory of John Dixon, who died Feb. 16 1808, Aged 47. Elizh Cole who died March 5th 1808. Aged 78.
Here lies a tender Father dear.
Since he is gone I greatly fear
So good a friend is hard to find,
To them that he has left be-hind.

Pray for the souls of Chars. Bembridge, who departed this life the 6th of June 1826; aged 56 years. Ann Bembridge, his Wife, who departed this life the 26th of Septr. 1854 Aged 84 years. John Bembridge, son of the above, who departed this life the 3rd of Jany. 1846, Aged 45 years.

Sacred to the Memory of (Will?) Greenbury, who died Febry. 1st 1793 Aged 59 years

Sacred to the Memory of Jane the beloved wife of Stephen Cox who died October 20, 1871 Aged 68 years.

Sacred to the Memory of Stephen Cox who died March 5, 1852 Aged 49 years.

Sacred to the Memory of Francis Harwood who died June 4th 1840, Aged 77 years. Sacred to the Memory of William, son of Francis Harwood who died Sept. 1st 1841, Aged 48 years.

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In Loving Memory of Charlotte Hannah Willson, 1893 - 1986 Also her brother Gilbert Thomas Bloodworth 1905 - 1994 and his wife Mary Bloodworth 1909 - 1994.

In Loving Memory of Edward Bloodworth, Died 25th May 1952, Aged 89 Years. Also Elizabeth Ann, wife of the above Died 17th Oct. 1921, Aged 60 Years. Stedfast in the faith. I. Peter V. 9.

In Loving Memory of George Cocks, who died Nov. 19th, 1930, Aged 66 years. Also of Mary Ann, wife of the above, who died Jan. 17th, 1918, Aged 49 years. And of their sons Pte. Charles Herbert Cocks, Pte. Frederick Thomas Cocks, Pte. Arthur Joseph Cocks, who fell in the Great War 1914 - 18. At Rest

In Loving Memory of Matthew Hare, Died July 22nd 1927, Aged 66 years. Also Charlotte, his dear wife, died Nov 8th 1942, Aged 70 years. Re-united.

Terry Ayre 1936 - 1999

In Memory of Benjamin A. C. Partridge 1897 - 1961 At Rest.

DLI 33905 Private A. Harwood, Durham Light Infantry, 14th February 1919 Age 23. May he rest in peace.

The entrance is located on the North side of the church.

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Whitney was allowed to unlock the entrance door.
She had never seen such a large key.

The steps into the church are so well worn that it is easy to imagine they were the original steps of the church when it was built about 900 years ago. Perhaps they are. To walk where our ancestors walked so long ago was a very special feeling.

The baptismal font is the first thing you see stepping into the church.

Looking back across towards the entrance.

Looking East towards the front of the church.

A bit closer to the front. The blue dot to the left of the red carpet is Whitney.

She is making a rubbing of a brass knight inlaid in the stone floor.

Possibly, this monument could be in memory of Sir Godfrey Hilton, about 1450 A.D.

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Stained glass representing the Crucifixion, a memorial to Captain William Hervey Woodhouse, who died 16th of May 1859, aged -- years, and is buried in a vault in the Church yard.

On the right, in the wall, is the tomb of Sir Geoffrey Luttrell who died in 1345. An alter stone with five crosses, which measures 6 ft. 2 in. long by 2 ft. 10 in. wide and 9 in. thick, was placed in the floor in 1666 over the grave of Mary, wife of John Thimelay.

To the left of the alter, a cupboard cut in stone with beautifully carved wooden doors.

At the time we were there, central heating duct work was being installed under the floor. This is the North aisle, the Easter Sceplecure is under the stained glass.

The theme in the stained glass is "Charity." In Memory of Katherine, the beloved wife of Sir Frederick J. Jones of Irnham Hall. She died at Irnham on the 22nd of December 1921.

The Easter Sceplecure was probably built by Robert Luttrell, rector of Irnham in the 1300's, 8 1/2 feet high and 7 1/2 feet wide.

Stone steps to the pulpit.

View of the windows and arches on the South wall.

View of the baptismal font, facing West.

North side of the church.

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Picture of the Andrew Luttrell brass with some of the history of the church.

8 ft. 9 in. long by 2 ft. 7 in. wide
Here lies Andrew Luttrell, Knight, Lord of Irnham, who died on the 6th day of September, in the year of our Lord 1390, on whose soul may God have mercy.

Perhaps this lady belonged to the Luttrell family. She could be "dated" by the headdress she is wearing and that might give clues to her identity.

Saml Breton Esq. Lieveter of her Majesty horse guards adivtant in ye Netherlands after his travails into Turky (died 6 Dec?) 1708

All things bright and beautiful, All creatures great and small, All things wise and wonderful, The Lord God made them all.

One of the houses in Irnham village. A sign near the door indicates it was the blacksmith shop at one time.
Henry Cocks, one of the sons of Peter Dawson Cocks, was a blacksmith and may have worked here.

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