Osbournby, England


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In December 1817, George Muxlow, son of John and Ann Muxlow of Scott Willoughby, was christened at this church.

Doug Muxlow, family historian and a direct descendant of George Muxlow, acted as our tour guide.

A beautiful view of the exterior of the church and the churchyard.

Perhaps at one time there were statues underneath the arches in the entrance to the church.

Here you can see a bit of the front door to the church and the ceiling of the entrance.

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Whitney, at 5' 1" is giving perspective to the size of the door.
The location of the William Bates memorial (pictured to the right) can be seen in the photo above of the church with Doug Muxlow. To the right of the window nearest Doug appears to be a gray box. This "box" is the Bates memorial and if I remember right, about 10 feet off the ground.

Near this place lieth the Body of William bates: who departed this Life, April the 4th 1738: Aged 28 years. Tho I like Job, sorely afflicted were with pains yet heavier than I could bear, Learn from example patiently to say: the Lord he gave and has taken away. J: Dickinson. (builder)
In the upper left hand corner is written Life how Short! and in the upper right hand corner is written Eternity how Long.

Painting of Moses receiving the Ten Commandments. The Ten Commandments are written to the sides. There must be an excellent story as to why there is an American flag inside the church.

The back of the church.

The baptismal font, probably dating to the 13th century.

Metal insert in the baptismal font with the inscription of "Parish of Osbournby, Co. of Lincoln 1819".

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One side of the church.

Main aisle of the church.

The arches are repeated from the entrance, only more elaborately.

Look towards the back of the church.

Artistic shot of one of the windows.

Same window, showing some of the construction of the church. I was very fascinated with how the churches were built.

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