Scott Willoughby, England


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St. Andrew's Church. One of the smallest churches in all of England, possibly the second to the smallest.

Scott Willoughby is about 1/2 mile up the road
and today consists of a few beautiful homes.

There weren't very many stones. Perhaps as they become broken they are removed.

The fence is very old, having been built without cement or mortar.

Alice, the wife of William Gunn, late of Sempringham,
who departed this life March 6th, 1858 aged 88 years.

My beloved wife, Edith Amelia Bembridge,
died 12th Jun 1939, aged 43 years.

The baptismal font.

Seating capacity is 20-30 comfortably.

Facing the front, there are actually two pulpits,
one on each side.

The hamlet of Scott Willoughby is just on the other side of those trees on the horizon. That's our cousin, Doug Muxlow, who was an excellent tour guide as we travelled all over the area visiting villages where Muxlows were known to have lived and died.


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