Sudbrook, England


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Teresa Davis, GGgranddaughter of Elcy Muxlow Cox and Doug Muxlow, Ggrandson of James Muxlow.
Elcy and James are sister and brother.

The Methodist Chapel used to stand where this 2-car garage is now.

Across the street are some of the older homes in Sudbrook.

These are the newer homes, being built about 1840's or 1850's.

We were told that the Muxlow's most probably lived in one of these homes.

View of the countryside from the village.

In contrast to the newer homes, are these. I would like to think that my Muxlow ancestors lived in these houses instead.

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Retaining wall separating the two driveways.

The end of the retaining wall is seen at the bottom of the picture.

A beautiful home along the main street through Sudbrook.

The main street and one of the stone walls.

The Mason's Arms, one of the oldest buildings in Sudbrook, now a private home.

The Mason's Arms. William Walton licensed to brew and sell beer by retail to be drunk on the premises & dealer in tobacco.

This was Mr. Walton's brewery house next to the Mason's Arms.

The brewery house's fireplace was in the process of being electrified at the time of my visit.

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On the wall outside the Mason's Arm, one of the Nix family left their mark. There were Nix's living here the first half of the 20th century.


The main street sharply curves to the left, but by going straight you will find more homes.

Including this large manor home.

Perhaps one of my favorite buildings in Sudbrook is this one. It must be a wonderful sight when the roof is all green.

Across the street was a sure sign of spring: daffodils.


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