The Descendants of Josef KRSKA and Katerina CIZEK

Josef KRSKA was born 1784 in the village of Nestrasovice, in the country of Bohemia to Martin KRSKA and his wife Josefa WOLF. In 1818 he married one of the lovely local beauties, Katerina CIZEK. Katerina was born in 1797 to Jan CIZEK and his wife, Lidmila KOLAROVA. Josef and Katerina had at least 11 children, not all of them survived to adulthood. One of their descendants, Irene Wienhold, told me that there were seven siblings that came to America. Indeed, after the death of their parents they began their immigration to America. I have only found four of them, suspect another and also found several of their cousins that all left Bohemia for America.

My own ancestor, Albert WOLF, the son of Josef and Katerina, was christened Adalbert KRSKA. The story goes, and I heard this from several different relatives including my grandmother, that he changed his name to Wolf because it was easier to pronounce. Over the course of time, no one living seemed to know what the original name had been. In searching for the ancestral village of Albert I had decided early on that the name of WOLF had been the English translation of the Czech word for "wolf" which is "vlk" or "vlc." I spent years searching for Albert Vlk. Long story short, I found a document with the name "Krstka" on it and Irene Wienhold, who did indeed, remember that her own grandmother, Mary Wolf Schroeder, telling her sons that the name was Krska in the old country.

Velma Poduska, now desceased, gave me the clue to finding the first of Albert's siblings, which led me to Paul Uzel. He in turn, provided the next clue in finding the next sibling of Albert's which in turn led to the ancestral village and finding the rest of the siblings and ancestors of Albert. This process took me around 20 years. Wish it hadn't taken so long as some of the older people passed on before I knew they were related and I'm sure they would have enjoyed learning of their roots.

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ancestral home of Albert Wolf
Ancestral Home of the Krska family in Nestrasovice

Craig and Teresa Davis
Craig and Teresa Davis

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