Descendants of George ROBINSON and Nancy DIXON

George Robinson and his wife, Nancy Dixon are the ancestors of over 2,500 descendants (including spouses). George and Nancy lived at a time when this country was in its infancy and it was dangerous to live on the frontier. They helped to settle this land and make a life for themselves and their children. George died about the age of 50 years in or near Misssouri. Nancy, with her small children, went back East to family, friends and the land she knew from girlhood. She remarried and went west again, this time to Illinois. There she died and was buried having given birth to at least eight children. The oldest being my ancestress, Priscilla Robinson. There is still much research needed to do on this line, pieces of the family puzzle to put in here and there and you're invited to join in the adventure.

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Teresa Davis

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Mary Belle Cozad Taylor
Mary Belle Cozad, 1862 - 1947
Priscilla Robinson's half sister
Courtesy of Terry Humphrey
William Henry Scott in front of his log home
The home of William Henry Scott and Priscilla Robinson
"built in 1873 on the hill above "Fish Trap" ford, three and a half miles north of Stratford"
in Hamilton County, Iowa
Courtesy of David Freeman
Info from Marie Wisecup, 1938 newspaper clipping

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