Ancestors and Descendants of Katerina Ann Vodrazkova
(Catherine Ann Vodraska)

This is the Vodrazka - Vodraska family line that encompasses many, many surnames including Stejskal, Pisinger, Stepan, Bartuska, Slavick, Kubicek, Kucera, Hronek, Wolf, Pavik, Nedved, Carmen and related families. This work is a compilation of the records and information from dozens and dozens of cousins, visits to countless cemeteries and courthouses. Should you find a connection, let me know, I would love to hear from you and share what has been gleaned over the years.

Catherine Ann Vodraska made the arduous journey in April 1881 from her home in Udraz, Bohemia as a young girl of 12 years old to the port of New York and then continuing on with her family to Pocahontas, Iowa. No sooner had they arrived by wagon but their first task was not to unpack and settle in but instead they got off the wagon and headed to the field to work. She grew to womanhood in Pocahontas and chose to marry a young man by the name of Albert Wolf. As the Catholic church in Pocahontas was not available they rode many miles to the Irish Catholic church known as Lizard church and were married there on March 3rd, 1889. Left a widow at 35 years old with 8 children aged 2 to 14, she continued to farm the land until it was paid in full.

This page is dedicated in gratitude to these ancestors, appreciating their struggles to come to America to help settle and build up this great country.

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Catherine Vodraska and her brother, Joseph Vodraska

Catherine Vodraska and her brother, Joseph Vodraska,
taken before March 1889