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NAME: Cocks, Frederick (m. Lucy Ellen Greenbury)

OBIT: (d. 25 Jun 1931, Corby Glen, Lincolnshire, England)

 After a long illness Mr. Frederick Cocks passed away on Thursday week.
 He belonged to a very old family, was born at Hawthorpe, and lived in the same house there for sixty-one years. At one time he carried on a butcher's business, and later he was a cottager. On his retirement some sixteen years ago he came to reside at Corby. He was a very old member oft he Griffin Inn (Irnham) Friendly Society. Deceased was 76 years of age. The funeral took place at St. Mary's Church on Sunday afternoon, the service being conducted by the Right Rev. Monsignor Comyn.
 The family mourners were Mrs. Cocks (widow), Messrs. E., B., and J. Cocks (sons), Miss Mary and Miss Monica Cocks (daughters), Mrs. J. Cocks (daughter-in law), Mr. J. Cocks (brother), Mr. J. Edwards, Mr. F. Cocks, Mr. A. Edwards, and Mr. C. Ellis (nephews), Miss Jarvis, Miss N. Cocks, Mrs. Cupit, and Miss Cupit (nieces), Mrs. Longley, Mrs. Brown, Miss Brown, Mrs. Cottingham, Mrs. Armstrong, Miss K. Harwood, Miss Tuplin, Mr. J. Doggett, Mr. J. Harwood, and Mr. Hunt.
 There were no flowers by request. A thoughtful and uplifting sermon was given by the Right Rev. Monsignor Comyn. In the course of his remarks, he said that death, the one thing they could not escape, was the separation of the spirit from the body; the leaving behind of the shell for which one had now no more use; the flight of the soul to the great white judgment seat of God: to give an account of how one had spent the life given by Him. If they did their duty and served God, then their reward was certain in the next world. The Church pealed forth her joyous song, "O Grave, Where is Thy Victory?" "O Death, Where is Thy Sting?" And she might well do so in the case of one who had lived a good life. He who had sjust left them, who had left the world for heaven, was indeed a faithful Catholic and a steadfast follower of Christ. He bore his sickness with patience and resignation to God's most holy will. With his last breath he responded to the prayers for the dying, and most peacefully, fortified by all the rites of the Holy Church, he fell asleep in the arms of Jesus.

OBIT: 25 Jun 1931 (d. Corby Glen, Lincolnshire, England)

FORMER TRADESMAN'S DEATH. - The passing of Mr. Frederick Cocks, which took place on Thursday, removes the fourth resident in a comparatively short time. Deceased was much respected, being of a quiet disposition. A native of Hawthorpe, he carried on business as a butcher, but retired to live at Corby 17 years ago. He was 76 years of age and was one of the oldest members of the Griffen Inn (Irnham) Society. The funeral took place on Sunday, a service at the Roman Catholic church being conducted by the Rev. Mons Comyn.
 The family mourners were the widow, Messrs. Ed. Cocks, B. Cocks and Jim Cocks (sons), Miss Mary Cocks, Miss M. Cocks (daughters), Mr. J. Cocks (brother), Mrs. J. Cocks (daughter-in-law), Mr. Greenbury (brother-in-law), Mr. J. Cocks, Mr. F. Cocks, Mr. A. Edwards, Mr. J. Edwards and Mr. E. Ellis (nephews), Mrs. J. Edwards, Miss Jarvis, Miss Cocks and Mrs. Cupit (nieces).
 Others in attendance included Mrs. Longley, Mrs. Cottingham, Mrs. Armstrong, Mrs. Brown, Miss Harwood, Miss Brown, Mrs. Pring, Mrs. Matsell, Mr. J. Doggett, Mr. Jas. Harwood (Hawthrope), Mrs. Ellis, Mrs. Stanton, Miss R. Stanton, Messrs. A. Armes, G. Armstrong, H. Burch, B. Jay and G. Bradshaw, the four last named being neighbours who acted as bearers.


COCKS - At Corby, on 25th June, 1931, Frederick Cocks, late of Hawthorpe, aged 76 years. The Widow and Family wish to thank all friends for kindness and sympathy shown.