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NAME: Cozad, Doris Loraine (m. Raymond Chris Fouts)

OBIT: The Muscatine Journal, Muscatine, Iowa, Sat. 17 Mar 1962

Mother, Daughter - Kin of Nichols Couple - Die After Car Strikes Oil Truck in Nebraska
 Plattsmouth, Neb. - Mrs. Doris Fouts, 39, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Cozad, rural Nichols, Iowa, and her daughter, Nancy, 15, were dead today after the Fouts station wagon crashed into the rear of an oil delivery truck six miles south of here at 1:30 p.m. Friday.
 Mrs. Fouts, who was enroute home with her three daughters to Greeley, Colo. after a visit at the Cozad home, died at 1:30 a.m. today at St. Mary's hospital, Nebraska City. Nancy Fouts died at the accident scene in eastern Nebraska. In fair condition at St. Mary's hospital are the other two Fouts daughters, Sue, age 11, and Helen, 8.
 The two surviving daughters were riding in a rear seat of the station wagon when it struck the oil truck driven by Leslie Hutchinson, 50, Plattsmouth. One of the younger daughters was thrown through the windshield by the impact and was found by Hutchinson on the hood of the car.
 Mrs. Fouts was driving and her older daughter had been in the front seat with her, the Cass county sheriff's office reported. She apparently did not see the truck, which was hidden in a cloud of steam or smoke.
 Mr. and Mrs. Cozad left Nichols for Plattsmouth after learning of the accident. The husband and father of the victims, Ray Fouts, was there today.
 Hutchinson told the sheriff's office he was driving south on highway 34-73-75 with 900 gallons of fuel oil and 110 gallons of gasoline on his truck. The truck developed engine trouble as he drove about 45 miles an hour, so he slowed his speed to 25 and headed up hill for a service station a mile farther south, the driver said.
 As he slowed down, Hutchinson reported, he saw smoke, or steam, billowing from the rear of the truck. Suddenly the truck swayed, the driver said, and he discovered the station wagon had rammed into his vehicle.
 Drivers of three other vehicles said they could not see the truck at the time of the crash because of the smoke. One was driving north toward the accident scene and the other two were going south.
 Mrs. Fouts had passed one of the south-bound vehicles just before the crash, the sheriff's office reported. She had been traveling about 50 miles an hour, it was said.
 The fuel oil and gasoline carried in the truck spilled out onto the hood of the Fouts station wagon, but did not catch fire.
 The motorists following the Fouts car said the brake lights on the rear of the station wagon did not go on, indicating Mrs. Fouts was unaware of the slower moving truck.
 The sheriff's office said the engine of the truck would be dismantled to determine the cause of the fog which enveloped the vehicle.
 At the accident scene, authorities found a letter from Fouts to his family in which he told of his anticipation of their return home.

OBIT: The Muscatine Journal, Muscatine, Iowa, Mon. 19 Mar 1962

Services pending at Greeley For Mrs. Fouts and Daughter
 Conesville - Sue Fouts, 11, was in fair condition Sunday, and Helen Fouts, 8, was reported in good condition at St. Mary's hospital, Nebraska City, Nebr.
 The two girls were injured Friday afternoon in the crash which claimed the life of their sister, Nancy, 15, and their mother, Mrs. Doris Fouts, 39, of Greeley, Colo.
 The bodies of Mrs. Fouts and Nancy were taken to the Gude funeral home at Nebraska City. They are being sent today to the Adamson funeral home at Greeley, where services are pending.
 Mrs. Fouts, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Cozad of rural Nichols, and her three girls were enroute home to Greeley after a visit at the Cozad home. Their stationwasgon crashed into the rear of an oil delivery truck six miles south of Plattsmouth, Nebr. The truck had developed engine trouble and was obscured by smoke or steam.
 Mr. and Mrs. Cozad left Saturday morning for Nebraska City to be with the injured granddaughters. An aunt of the girls, Mrs. W. E. (Virginia) Wheeler, RN, of Denver, is taking care of them at the hospital. Another sister of Mrs. Fouts, Mrs. H. J. (Esther) Blackwelder of Glenview, Ill., is with the Cozads and other relatives at Nebraska City.
 Mr. and Mrs. Cozad plan to go to Denver by train soon to take care of Mrs. Wheeler's children who are ill with measles.
 Rev. Nancy Nichols, former pastor of the Conesville Methodist church, and now pastor of the Irwin-Kirkman parish in the Council Bluffs district, spent Saturday afternoon with the Fouts children at the hospital. The address is Room 424, St. Mary's hospital, Nebraska City, Nebr.

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