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NAME: Dingman, Francis Marion (m. Clara Isabelle Dingman)

OBIT: Daily Freeman-Journal, Webster City, Iowa (d. 3 Nov 1923)

Francis M. Dingman, While Temporarily Deranged, Hangs Self in Barn.
Body Found by Son and Sister who Were Searching for Him.
  Francis M. Dingman, 1624 Seneca streeet, was found hanging dead in the loft of his barn at 6 o'clock this morning by his son, Will, and his sister, Mrs. Harry Dayton. He had committed suicide while temporarily deranged. He had threatened at different times to take his own life.
 A coroner's jury was empaneled and following the taking of such little evidence as was available, returned a verdict of suicide. The jury was composed of Hiram Carey, I.W. Hyatt and Geo. E. Kent.
 IN POOR HEALTH Mr. Dingman had not been in good health for some time. He had a bad attack of the flu two years ago, since which time he had had severe spells of brooding over his health, financial affairs, etc. At times, while brooding over these matters, he had become temporarily deranged, when he would threaten to take his own life. Presumably, it was while in one of these spells that he hanged himself this morning.
 BODY FOUND Mr. Dingman got up this morning earlier than the rest of the family, presumably about 4:30 o'clock. Breakfast was ready shortly before 6, when an effort was made by the family to locate him. When he could not be found, they became alarmed. Will, a son, aged 16, ran over to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Dayton, next door, and in company with Mrs. Dayton, began a search about the barn. They finally found him in the loft hanging by a rope from a rafter dead. Neighbors came in and Coroner Arch Foster was notified. It is estimated that the body had been hanging from the rafter an hour before its discovery.
 Mr. and Mrs. Dingman had been married 21 years. Mr. Dingman was about 55 years of age. The wife and six children survive. The children are Allie, Will, Gladys, Virgil, Zella and Evelyn, all of whom live at home. Mr. Dingman had lived in this vicnity for many years and widespread sympathy is felt for the bereaved family.
 The funeral will be held at the U.B.(United Brethern) church Monday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock, conducted by Rev. C. W. Picher(?).