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NAME: Schroeder, Henry (m. Mary Wolf)

OBIT: (d. Pocahontas County, Iowa, 2 Nov 1901)

 The people of Pocahontas were shocked to hear the report Monday about 10 o'clock a.m.that Henry Schroeder had been found dead about an hour before in a cornfield near his home three miles north of town. He was last seen alive in town Saturday evening, and as the night was dark the team got out of the road, and going through a pond of water near the roadside, Henry evidently became bewildered and lost, as the evidence shows. After driving through the pond, the team was unhitched from the buggy and tied to a post which had been put up lately, but had not yet had the wires strung. Sunday morning the team was found in the yard at home with the post hanging to the hitch straps. As his team had at times before come home from town loose, the family thought nothing of this and supposed that Henry had remained in town with friends. Not learning anything about him, a search was made in the afternoon, and kept up till about 9 o'clock Monday morning, when the body was found about 125 yards from the buggy in a cornfield. It had rained and snowed Saturday night, and following the tracks, he had made a circle and was coming back toward the buggy. He had evidently become weakened from being wet and chilled and had from appearances fallen down several times and where the body was found the conditions showed that a final struggle had been made.
 Coroner Thornton, with F.E.Hronek, Frank Reyburn and Dr. E.R.Holson as jurors, held an inquest Monday afternoon, returning a verdict that deceased came to his death from exposure to storm and cold.
 Henry Schroeder was a native of Germany, coming to America about twenty years ago and settling in Pocahontas county. He has always been an industrious citizen well liked by all who knew him. He was 53 years old, and leaves a wife and seven children, Mrs. J.J.Bartosh, Mrs. John Eral, Miss Emma, Will, Henry, Frank and John, the latter being in Minnesota or North Dakota and could not be located.
 Funeral services were held this Thursday, conducted by Rev. W.A. Pape.