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These pictures are in the possession of Rose Butler. I visited her and her husband in August 2005.


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Rose Carver Butler holding the Carver Bible.
"New Testament of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ"
published in New York by the American Bible Society,
instituted in the year MDCCCXVI (1816), 1864, 8th edition.

dear father and Mother,
rember Me when this
you see when Many a
Milds [miles] a part are we
rember this is written
with a lead rember
Me when i am dead
from your dauaghter
Carrie Carver

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these lines give the ages
of Richard carver and wife
Richard Carver Born
January tenth 1827
Danube Herkemer Co N.Y
jane ann Van Allen Born
august 3 third 1826
Danube Herkimer Co. N.Y.
Were United in Marriage
Sept twenty third 1849

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Richard Carver was married
to Jane A. [looks like D] Vanallen Sep 23, 1849
Julietta Carver born July 16th 1851
George L. Carver " February 4th 1855
John W. Carver " April 1st 1858
Jane Ann Carver " July 30th 1861
Henrietta A. [looks like D] Carver " March 4th 1862
Fanny Carver " October 28th 1865
Carrie Carver July 20 1868
Richard [hole in paper over middle initial] Carver born Septem
the 8
P. M. Vanderhoff
Born 1840 new york
Hercomer Co. [Herkimer Co.]

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Jane Ann Young Died Oct 11th 1861
The Wife of William W. Young
The daughter of _ _ _ _ _ _
Richard Carver
Jane Ann Carver.
[written in pencil]
Richard Carver Born
January 10 in the year
Jane carver Born [In at?] [ ? ]
year 1826

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George L. Carver
4 Feb 1855 - 20 Sep 1907
son of Richard Carver and Jane Van Allen

Sarah Ann Smith Carver
8 Apr 1857 - 25 Aug 1946
daughter of James D. Smith and Catherine Frantz

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Rose holding lace that was made by her grandmother, Sarah Smith Carver.

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Celia J. Thomas, wife of Charles A. Carver
10 Feb 1896 - 24 Apr 1981

Nellie I. Carver Tiernan
5 Jul 1888 - 9 Oct 1948

Lana Carver Martin
Aug 1880 - unknown

John Richard Carver
abt May/Jul 1879 - 1966
son of George L. Carver and Sarah Ann Smith

Nellie I. Carver Tiernan
5 Jul 1888 - 9 Oct 1948
daughter of George L. Carver and Sarah Ann Smith

Rose Carver Butler
daughter of Charles Allen Carver and Celia J. Thomas

Rose Carver and her aunt Nellie Tiernan

Charles Joseph Carver
15 Oct 1921 - 10 Feb 1967
twin son of Charles Allen Carver and Celia J. Thomas

Elizabeth Josephine Carver
15 Oct 1921 - about Jan 1922
twin daughter of Charles Allen Carver and Celia J. Thomas

Charles Joseph and Elizabeth Josephine Carver

Obituary of Elizabeth Josephine Carver
tucked inside the Carver Bible
no name or date of newspaper.

Rose Carver and her brother, Charles Joseph Carver

Rose Marie A. Carver
dau. of Charles and Celia

Charles Allen Carver
23 Oct 1895 - 14 Feb 1983, son of George and Sarah

This newspaper clipping was tucked inside the Carver Bible. Rose did not know who this couple was as the article, if there was one, had been cut away.
Again, no date or name of the newspaper is known. I have placed George Carver's picture next to it so that comparing likenesses might be easier.

[Enhanced image]
In 1910, living next door to Sarah A. Carver, widow, in Manson, Iowa, are Richard Carver, 87 years old and his wife, Jane Carver, 82 years old.
They had been married 51 years, she bearing 10 children and six were still living. If you are thinking what I am thinking, perhaps this couple is Mr. and
Mrs. Richard Carver and this appeared in the Manson newspaper. We do have a problem, though. According to the Carver Bible they were married
23 Sep 1849. Fifty years would be 1899, in which case, the 1910 census record should say they had been married for 61 years, not 51 years.
Checking the newspaper, if a copy exists somewhere, would show whether this is Mr. and Mrs. Carver or not.

Passed Away: At Manson, Iowa, March 22, 1913.
 One of our oldest and [most] highly
esteemed citizenn Mrs. Richard Carver departed
this life passing peacefully away at her home
on Cen[esco] street last Saturday evening at three
oclock in the midst of her loveing and sorrowing
children and aged husband.
 After suffering for many months death came as
a release and to night she sleeps in her casket
with a calm sweet expression almost of girlhood
resting upon her aged face.
 Mrs. Carver leaves an aged husband, two sons and
four daughters. Her sons are: John W. of Dodge
Centre, Minn. and Richard whose address is unknown.
Another son, George L. died some years ago.
 Her daughters are: Mrs. Julia Vanderhoff of Clare,
Mrs. Hattie Reed of Webb, Mrs. L.E. Clay of Des Moi-
nes and Mrs. Carrie Marsh of Humboldt. Another,
Mrs. Jane Young died several years ago.
 Mrs.Carvers s[aden] [name] was Jane A. VanAllen and
she was born in Harkimer County New York on Aug-
ust the 3d 1833. She was married to Richard Car-
ver on September the 23d 1849.
 They came to Webster county shortly after the
Civil War and lived for many ears on a farm just
west of where Clare now stands. Of late years
they have lived in Manson.
 The funeral was held Tuesday forenoon at two
oclock. The services were at the Congregational
Church Rev. Shapman officateing. the Interment
was in Rose Hill Cemetery.

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Among the pictures that Rose has are these three. She did not know who they were.
Most likely, they were siblings to Sarah Smith or to George Carver. Of Sarah's brothers,
it could be William Henry Smith, James V. Smith, Robert T. Smith or Harry L. Smith.
Of the Carvers, it could be, John W. Carver or Richard Carver. If I were to put a
name on him today, it would be William H. Smith, but I would like to be double
certain before I make that claim.

Among Sarah's sisters, it could be Elizabeth M. Smith Biggs, Hannah J. Smith Holland,
Isabel Smith Caldwell, Amanda Smith McCulley, Martha L. Smith Van Auken or
Matilda F. Smith Albright. Matilda was married five times, Albright was her first
marriage. George's sisters were Julietta Carver Vanderhoff, Henrietta A. Carver Reed,
Fanny Carver Clay, Carrie Carver Marsh. Jane A. Carver Young died at the age of 20 years.

This unknown couple could also be a brother or a sister to George L. Carver or his wife, Sarah Ann Smith. The names of George's and Sarah's siblings apply to this couple.

This newspaper article was tucked inside the Carver Bible. It
would be interesting to follow up on this account of Mrs. Crane
to see if she truly did die "the following Friday." No year or name
of newspaper is given, but the town is Jeffersonville, Indiana.

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