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Three Cocks brothers, Henry, Thomas and George came to America with their uncle and cousins. They farmed in Illinois, and after 10 years Henry migrated to Iowa.


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Charles, Sarah, Bill Bates
Henry Cocks' great grandfather was William Bates. Vincent Cox remembers these three as being related but never knew the exact relationship. He also remembered that they never married.
submitted by Vincent Cox

Bill, Sarah, Charles Bates
submitted by Vincent Cox

Bill Bates

Charles Bates

Sarah Bates

Frances Bloodworth's Creamery Farm in New York
Frances was Mary's older sister. Mary was married first to George Cocks in 1872 in Illinois. A year later he was tragically killed. Their first child was just 2 months old. Mary went back to England to be with her family and met George's younger brother, Thomas. They both came to America and were married in New York, perhaps on this very farm.
submitted by Vincent Cox

Frances Bloodworth's Creamery Farm
Detail of the people near the house.

Frances Bloodworth's Creamery Farm
I believe that's Mary Bloodworth Cocks and her son, George Cocks, Jr., on the left and Frances Bloodworth sitting on the steps on the right.

Henry Cocks
submitted by Ann Bradshaw

Elcy Muxlow Cocks
submitted by Anna Bradshaw

Death Card of Henry Cocks
submitted by Ann Bradshaw

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Omer and Mary Catherine Clapsaddle Family
Mrs. Clapsaddle is the oldest daughter of Henry Cocks/Cox and Elcy Muxlow.

Ruth Clapsaddle

Claude Clapsaddle

Elsie Clapsaddle

Esther Clapsaddle

Clarence Clapsaddle

Omer Clapsaddle

Mary Cox Clapsaddle

Mary Cox Clapsaddle

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Annie Cocks/Cox
Second child of Henry Cox/Cocks and Elcy Muxlow

Annie Cocks/Cox
Married John Sylvester Smith

Annie Cocks/Cox

Annie Cocks/Cox and John Smith

Annie Cocks/Cox

Annie Cocks/Cox

Annie Cocks/Cox

Annie Cocks/Cox

Sons of Henry Cox and Elcy Muxlow, 1913
Harry, George, Charles and Peter Cox
Harry and Charles have not been positively identified so it could be
Charles, George, Harry and Peter Cox.

Harry Cox
or possibly Charles J. Cox

George F. Cox

Charles J. Cox

George F. Cox and Mary Masterson

Charles Cox and possibly his sister, Maud
Neither Maud nor Charles ever married.

Cox family plot, Rose Hill Cemetery, Manson, Iowa
Henry and Elcy Muxlow Cox's stone

Maud Cox's stone, Manson, Iowa

Charles J. Cox's stone, Manson, Iowa

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Edna Cox Morley
Edna Bonner Cox was the daughter of Nichols Cocks and Eliza J. Hartzhorn, and wife of Harvey Warren Morley. Nichols was the son of Joseph Cocks and Jane Wilson. Joseph was an uncle to Henry, George and Thomas Cocks.

Edna Cox Morley - description

George W. Cox
George is the son of George Cocks and Mary Bloodworth and husband to Ellen Sarah Dugan,
father of Mary, Frances, Frederick, George, Meryl, Vincent, Charles, Harold and Regina.

Mary Cox
Nicknamed "Lena" she was the daughter of Thomas Cocks and Mary Bloodworth and wife to William E. Near,
and mother to Esther and Kenneth.

George and Ellen Cox's stone

Fay and Frederick Cox's stone
Frederick, son of George W. Cox and Ellen S. Dugan, husband to Fay Quinn

George and Ellen Cox's stone
Meryl Edmund Cox, son of George W. Cox and Ellen S. Dugan, and husband to Charlotte Swiatek.

George and Ellen Cox's stone
Regina Cox, daughter of George W. Cox and Ellen S. Dugan, and wife to William G. Knight

Charles Cox and Mercedes
Charles, son of George W. Cox and Ellen S. Dugan, and husband to Mercedes Moore.

Karin Cox's stone
Karin, daughter of Frederick A. Cox, Jr. and Marion Ackerman, wife to Brendan Conley.

Nancy Cox's stone
Nancy, daughter of Frederick A. Cox and Fay Quinn.

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Colin, Bryanna, Suzanne, Justin Cox

Darby Cox, 2002

Kevin and Ann Cox

Kristen Cox

Christopher and Michelle Cox

Harold and Su Cox

Byron Rasmussen, Dorothea Scott, Doug Muxlow, cousins

Mary and Meghen Cox

Marion Ackerman Cox

Michael and Katherine Cox

Noah Cox

Cox Reunion, 2002, Shabbona, Illinois