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These tintypes were passed down in the family from the Krska - Hubel family, to the Drahos family, to the Uzel family.
Irene Wienhold told me if I searched New York I would find our ancestor's, Adalbert Krska/Wolf, brothers. She said there were seven brothers that came to America.
I have not found seven brothers but I have found five siblings, cousins and other relatives that have come to America, between the 1850's and 1880's.
It is my belief that these images are of our Bohemian immigrants and the first generation of Americans. There is a good chance these photos were taken in New York and possibly, Iowa.


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W 1

W 2

W 2a

W 2b

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W 3

W 3a

W 4

W 4a

W 5

W 5a

W 5b

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W 6

W 6a

W 6b

W 7

W 7a

W 7b

W 8

W 8 without flash

W 8a

W 8b

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W 9

W 9a

W 10
same as F 1b

W 11
same as F 2a

W 12
same as M 6 and F 3

W 12a
same as F 3b

W 13

W 13a

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W 14

W 14a

W 15

W 16

W 16a

W 17

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W 18

W 18a

W 19

W 19a

W 20

W 20a

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W 21

W 21a

W 21b

W 22

W 22a

W 23
Paul Uzel
Parents: Frank Uzel, Jr. and Florence Dansen
Grandparents: Frank Uzel, Sr. and Vlasta H. Drahos
Great grandparents: Vencil Drahos and Anna Elizabeth Hubel
Great great grandparents: Wenzel Hubel and Mary A. Krska

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